Thursday, 23 March 2017


I know I haven't written in a really long time, but this post was actually never posted when I wrote it last year, so it's quite late! I had to retake the pictures because I lost all of them when my last SD-card broke...

But today it's all about my Makoto Tachibana jacket from Wig-Supplier!

Jacket link:

Here' s a video I made about it as well :)

As I mention in the video, I was supposed to get a Nagisa jacket, but I was sent this instead since they were all out of Nagisa's design. It's a really nice and soft well-made jacket, baseball jacket design, in vibrant colors. When it's warm outside, I plan to wear it like a normal jacket instead of cosplay, since I don't really have any plans on cosplaying Makoto!

This one is a medium size, and I'm quite small (I normally go for XS and S in EU/US sizes) so I would recommend really checking the size chart twice!

Have some detailed pictures :)

It's a very sturdy piece of clothing, my favorite thing about it is that is easily can pass as daily clothing, and that it is extremely comfortable. The inside of the fabric is really soft and feels nice against the skin, and it fits really nicely. I can really see myself wearing this during spring and summer!

Wig-supplier is the company that has provided me with some of my favorite wigs, and they are reliable and has a wide range of products, both costumes and wigs. The shipping is usually quite fast and my items have always arrived within a week or two, depending on if everything has been in stock or not. The prices are always really good!

Sometimes shipping can get a little high depending on where you live, but one option is to shop together with someone if possible and then share the shipping cost. That's mostly always my solution. It's worth it for the quality. The customer service and replies are also very quick and polite and they handle things so well. 

Feel free to check out their website and let me know if you have any questions! Have a nice day guys! :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


So long time no see, here on the blog! I will update you on all the personal issues in a bit, but I'm really late with uploading these because of what has been going on the past few months. 

Anyhow, you might have sen on Instagram that I have taken up my old obsession for Kurt Wagner, and I'm finally making some cosplays! I did make the x-men evolution cartoon version for NärCon Summer in July, but I didn't finish the shoes so I didn't feel quite satisfied. I will redo some things and wear him soon instead! I did however still paint myself blue and did a casual version, hahah!

If you have watched the x-men evolution cartoon series, you know that Kurt has a more "humanized" version, and this is what I would like to show you today, and more later as well. 

Basically, many of you asked me about the wig choice, and styling, so I thought I'd make a review!


This was the wig I thought would be most like Kurt's hair in color and style, in my opinion. I didn't have to cut it all to much, basically just thin it out a bit, since it's  rather thick wig with many layers! The length was great for Kurt as well. 

The color is a really nice mixture of blue tones, and I do admit that it does look a bit brighter in this up-close picture, but you can see the true color on the other pictures much better! This is just a closeup on the texture and synthetic hairs. This is as usual synthetic wig, that is heat resistant, but you should be careful when handling any wig with heat. I did straighten this slightly when I thinned it out! 

Color: Dark Blue
Length: 32 cm
Type: 100% Heat Resistant Fibre

It was SO easy to wear and style compared to some wigs in similar styles that I have worked with, and I didn't need much styling product. It was a little tiring to have to thin it out so much, but it's my taste in wigs that makes me customize most wigs like that! The color is perfect for Kurt, and I can't wait to do a full official outfit for him, since he's been my favorite since I was a child. 

With the express shipping, the wig took 4 days to arrive to my place, after it had been shipped, so the wait was far from long.

Check out my other UNIQSO reviews and my videos on my Youtube Channel to see more!
Don't forget to use my discount code "Niisuke" for 10% off as well :)

Thanks for reading! :D

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Pink City Review - Birth Of Venus Sweater

Eyo you pretty boys, girls and unicorns!
I wanted to upload some pictures of my new awesome sweater, which I'm in love with, and I figured here would be the best place.


My boyfriend and I got one piece of clothing each from PinkCity. They have super cool, and to me, very unique clothing that can speak to a lot of people, with a wide range of designs and several collections! They are an online shop, based in Canada, but they do ship internationally obviously, since I still haven't had the chance to visit Canada, haha!
Here's some pictures!

The website was very clear and easy to navigate through. I loved the design of it, just like I loved the design of the clothes! It was a little bit hard to choose because of that, but since I'm in love with Sailor Moon, this was kind of what I ended up with. And I love it!

This is a size S. Now when I'm thinking about it, I should probably have gone with an XS, because the shoulder's are slightly too wide for me, but overall, the sweater fits me great! It might change though since I'm working out more now than before. They have a very specific size chart, so if you're interested in ordering definitely check that out once or twice before picking size! 

Overall, the print is just AMAZING. It's so colorful, and clear, and the whole sweater is made out of good quality fabric. It's rather thick, and just feels nice to wear. I love the creative art for this, mixing up Venus with Venus, old and new art! It's beautiful!

I look forward to wear this for all kinds of outfits, but especially sailor moon themed ones. It's cozy, stylish and just nerdy enough for me! Great job Pink City!

If you want to check out what else they have to offer, take a look at Catnipsenpai's review, or their website,

I'm so sad that this post was so delayed, but everything has been lately due to my surgery, the IVF-treatment and all the shots I had to take, and then on top of that recovering and getting a job. But finally it's up, so thank you for reading!

Hugs, Jack

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Wilde Cosplay Idea! (ft.

 Are these two familiar to you? Did you like the movie? Well... so did I!

I feel a little tired when movies get hyped over the top, before they are even released. I think it's so stressful, because some people makes the cosplay of a character, before the movie is released, just to be "the first". I have seen people bragging about being first making their costume and what not, and I simply don't think that is what it's all about. It's about loving a character or a show/movie/book, and expressing that love! And of course, have fun.

I watched the movie though, as soon as I overcame the exhaustion of the hype I had seen. And I loved every single minute of it. It was such a cute, and encouraging movie! If you haven't watched Zootopia, I strongly suggest you do.

Anyhooooow... if you did watch it, I don't think you're that surprised to hear that I really loved the main characters. I loved most of the characters, but well, Judy and Nick just looked so cute together, and that made me feel the urge for... COSPLAY! 

So I have now decided that I want to cosplay both Nick, and Judy! Police uniforms are cool and I like them both equally, so yes! I will probably also make Sebastian cosplay Nick when I'm Judy, but yeah!

My partner CosplaySky UK and I are therefore going to work together now, and for this summer my dream of doing Nick will come true! I can't barely wait! ;; o ;;

Check out the costume!

Fun thing, check out the pictures below. Me and Sebastian actually looks kind of like Nick and Judy, and we did this before Christmas last year before the movie was even out! Haha meant to be!

So are you excited? Any of you cosplaying anyone from Zootopia? If you already have I would be so happy to see the pictures you have! I'm really excited myself so let's hope for the best now!

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Wig-Supplier Review - Three New Wigs!

So I got a bunch of wigs from Wig-supplier just like I did the other year, and I also posted a video, which you can watch, and there you can see what the wigs looked like before ANY styling as well!


I have no intention on cosplaying Alois, even though I'm sure it would be fun, but this was looked so beautiful that I couldn't resist! It's a nice, bright blonde wig that works good both for cosplay and fashion. It has a good amount of hair without getting too thick. It was rather soft when I received it, so to style it like this I had to use a bit of hairspray. Here, you can take a look at the pictures!

 My plan is mainly to use this wig for fashion looks and a few cosplays, and I'm looking forward to try out cute boy-ish fairy kei inspired looks with it!

This beautiful wig, is something I got thinking of the Sophie Hatter cosplay. It's thicker than the wig I originally thought of using. It is a pretty silver color, with both enough grey and white mixed into it, to look even. Also the texture and the waves on the wig is just stunning and I think of some sort of moon princess from a fairy tale!

It originally had a long fringe, but I decided that I wanted straight bangs like these, so if you want to know how it looked before I cut it, watch the video I linked at the beginning of the post!

This is a wig that I have purchased before, and it's been my favorite ALWAYS. It's the perfect match between white and silver, it's perfectly thick, and I don't need to cut it at all because I can do whatever I want without much effort. It works so well for any look, fashion as well as cosplay!

It makes me feel confident and I would really recommend it for cosplays like Kaneki Ken, Shion, and Jack Frost, if only a few! You have seen me wearing this so much already, and I will wear it until it falls apart, basically. 

Check out and also for more wigs and also costumes!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Cosplay And Fashion Wigs of May [UNIQSO REVIEW]

I wanna make a quick post about these new wigs that I got from UNIQSO this month!

Lolita Wig G (Short Version)

This wig comes in a long and a short version, and when I saw the shirt version I immediately feel for the cool color mix. The top layer is a dull, greenish grey color, while the base is a cool, "evil" looking green. Now I need to apologize for the picture quality this time, but I had to edit the lighting in a phone app since my Photoshop has crashed...

I cut the wig slightly after receiving it, but I didn't need to do that much honestly. It is a kind of thick wig, with nice texture that is easy to work with, and as I said, I love the color mix.

My friend Luka, has got the same kind of wig but the long version, so I can't wait to take cool twin pictures with him! I love how the style turned out on this one and I can't wait to wear it a lot with cool makeup and dark clothes! I'm not sure if I can figure out a character with this hair, but it does it work as a fashion wig really well!

Shogo Sena (LOVE STAGE!) Wig

Now for some reason I could not find the link or the wig on the website, but this is the Shogo Sena wig UNIQSO have (had?) to offer! It was longer when I got it but I decided to cut it shorter to fit my desires!! The color is BEAUTIFUL, and it's really a nice orange-y ginger like color, and not too unrealistic for me. It looks like a hair color I dyed my hair into years ago. Just like the other wig I just wrote about, this wig had a nice texture and was easy to work with, but this wig was a little softer in it's texture!

This wig had quite a bit of hair so I had to trim it a bit and make it a little thinner to suit my style, but I had no big troubles while doing that and it turned out the way I wanted it to! 

As usual, check out UNIQSO for more things such as other wigs, lenses, makeup products, costumes and more!

And also as usual, if you order anything, you can use the discount code "niisuke" to get 10% off your entire order! :)

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Ambulance rides and relief

So yesterday was a chaotic day and quite a disappointment. About 2 months ago I was accepted for an weekend course in sexuality, something I wanted to take to further educate myself to be able to work as a sexuality/gender identity educator in schools. And this weekend, was THE WEEKEND. I was so happy this morning. I got up at 7, cuddling my cats, fixing breakfast. I decided I wanted to do a full, cool makeup, colors and all, but still stay with my short hair and more "boy-ish clothes" rather than dressing up typically "female" like I often do when I wear a lot of colorful makeup nowadays. I feel happy and ready, full of energy. And off I go!

I get there in time, actually a little early, so I say hi to people, and help them rearrange chairs and all. There's coffee and tea, little snacks and fruit. I have some extra snacks with me for my low blood sugar. And everything starts off great, I feel so at home! I'm talking, introducing myself, I don't feel judged, and I'm all into the discussion, delivering broad full replies and explanations of my thoughts, bringing up points no one thought of. I feel proud. This is what I can't do in school. Because of how awkward I feel with my class and the rude people there. 

Unfortunately... an hour into it all, I started to feel sharp pains, going through my lower stomach. At first it started like a dull ache, but it rapidly got more and more painful. I thought I should take a quick pause, so I left my notes on my chair and went to the bathroom. I barely got inside, before the pains got overwhelming, and I was shaking and sweating. I called Sebastian, kind of panicking by then. As usual, my calm, caring other half talked me through it as good as possible, asking for my symptoms and trying to give me advice on what to do. Perhaps I had eaten something bad, and my stomach was acting up? I thought so at first myself, but by every minute it got harder to even stand up, but I couldn't sit down either, and it honestly just felt like extremely horrible period cramps.

For me as a trans man periods have always been extra awful, since it reminds me of things that I rather not think about. But now I knew that it was weeks too early to feel cramps like this. I eventually had to hang up the phone, overwhelmed by the pain and unable to focus on Sebastian's words. This was when I threw up the first time, from how strong the pain was. 

Then, the pain slowly faded just SLIGHTLY. Enough for me to wash my mouth and hands, and stumble out of the bathroom to call for help from one of the teachers. She immediately went to sit down with me somewhere quiet and I got to explain my symptoms while the pain returned. We called health care guidance, and it took a good 20 minutes or so to even get on the line with them, but after explaining the situation, and also mentioning that I had surgery 3 weeks ago, she suggested that I should go to the nearest emergency hospital. I could barely stand, much less walk, which I explained to her while to pain returned like daggers in my lower stomach. I was about to start crying from the pain now, which is rare for me, so I knew it was bad. Even breathing normally was difficult. She adviced me to get an ambulance, so that was what my teacher did. 

It took the ambulance probably about 10 minutes or less to get to me, and I was taken care of by two paramedics, who had to carry me out on a special chair kind of thing, and later put me on a stretcher. It took another 7 minutes or so to get to the hospital, and during that ride one of them checked my pulse and everything, and my pain once again increased. Since I have difficult and small veins he couldn't inject me with the first option of painkiller, so he had to inject something else into my upper arm muscle. It stung, but it made me focus on that pain more for a few seconds, and then I got dizzy from the immediate effect. 

I was taken care of immediately upon my arrival at the hospital, by several doctors and nurses. They did all kinds of checkups, bumped me full of morphine and made me all dizzy and off, but at least the pain was numbed. 

They couldn't find anything that was wrong right away, so they appointed me to a gynecologist, but I had to wait for a while, and take more tests. Because of my veins, again, they had to try to take blood and put tubes and such in both my wrists, and both of the bends of my arms. Sooo I'm full of little red dots now, haha!

Before the ambulance had went to get me, I had gotten help from my teacher to call for help, try to reach some of my friends. My hero of the day was Saga, and she was at the hospital by the time I was rolled out to a little room, from the first doctors. I was high on morphine and miserably ridiculous, but I was so glad and felt so much safer and less alone with my twinnie there. I have such amazing friends?

So yeah, basically. It went on like this for hours with rest and checkups. I wasn't allowed to eat for many hours, but eventually I got to try to eat and drink, but the morphine made me throw up shortly after trying, several times. Yay. 

After about 6-7 hours at the hospital, I was finally released. The pain was merely a numb soreness, they couldn't find what was wrong, but their best guess was that, due to it being time for me to have my monthly ovulation, a ovarian follicle had burst and the liquid that was released caused the pain. It's nothing serious, and sometimes it happens people with uteruses and all that. My wonderful bonus mom and little brother came by to pick me up and make sure I was fine, they took me home, cooked me food and helped me clean the apartment... what else could I expect from such amazing people? I am so lucky to have people like this in my life. 

Now today, I feel much much better and I'm up and working, eating, being happy. I'm so glad it turned out to be nothing serious, but it's worth to mention that I have had these kind of pains before, just not... so intense. Which was why I got so scared this time. I was so well treated by staff and family and everything. 

Now... I will try to and hope that I stay healthy for as long as possible. I'm getting a liiiiittle tired of having to visit hospitals so often. But well... I have a 2 week long special treatment starting next month so I will have to go to the hospital at least a few more times within the near future.

But yeah, now I got this off my chest. Something more personal, not just a review, eh?